Warehouse Efficiency Tips From The Experts

The key to any successful warehousing operation is efficiency. After all, get this right and you could save yourself plenty of time, hassle, and money too.

As leading pallet racking suppliers and providers of a wide range of warehouse equipment, here at Shelf Space we like to think that we know a thing or two about what it takes to make a warehouse operation successful. So here we’ve put together a few top tips and tricks for fine tuning your processes and turning your warehouse into a more efficient operation - enjoy!

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Bring Order To Your Orders

Zoning your warehouse can make order picking a much more productive process. In a nutshell, this involves organising the layout of your warehouse in such a way that the most commonly used items are located closest to the area where they are used.

This can help to reduce the amount of time your employees spend travelling to find items - saving valuable time and ultimately money too.

As a handy tip it’s importation to bear in mind that this should be a fluid process too. What your customers want will likely change over time so make sure to keep an eye on which products are selling fast and reorganise accordingly.

Keep It Clean

Want to make your warehouse operation more productive? Then keep it clean!

If you’re wondering why this is important, it’s because the cleanliness of your premises will not only have an impact on safety, it can also influence employee morale too.

The most effective way to maintain high standards of cleanliness is to adopt a policy of cleaning as you go. Not only is this an efficient cleaning method, but it will also help to improve the efficiency of your warehouse too.

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Stock It!

As surprising as it may sound, the systems that you employ to replenish stock can be just as important as the picking methods that you use.

That’s because there’s nothing quite like an empty shelf for causing your operations to grind to a halt. With this in mind, it’s essential to ensure that the items in your warehouse are constantly maintained at a specified minimum level, so that your employees are never left facing an empty space where a product should be.

Focus On Storage

Investing in the right storage equipment can also help enhance the effectiveness of your business by helping you to save space and get more organised too - simple!

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Here at Shelf Space we can provide a wide range of storage solutions, tailored to suit the needs of your business perfectly. Both safe and efficient they’re the ultimate in warehouse storage.

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