Mobile Pallet Racking

Increase your storage space by up to 80% with a powered Mobile Pallet Racking Installation from Shelf Space

Powered mobile pallet racking is an ideal storage solution If you are planning a new build warehouse and need to maximise utilisation of the available storage space. It utilises up to 80% of the available cubic storage capacity and requires only one operating / working aisle to access 100% of the pallets available. These systems are ideal for both Cold Store / Cold Storage applications and conventional warehouse pallet storage operations.

How Does Mobile Pallet Racking Work?

We take a high-quality pallet racking system and locate the complete system on heavy-duty movable bases. The mobile bases move left or right upon heavy-duty inset rails that have been set flush into the concrete floor at the time of completing the floor slab. The powered mobile pallet racking can be operated either by foot using simple control buttons set at the end of the racks or via a control pad located inside the cab of a forklift.

The operation is simple with chassis moving in a cascade sequence until the selected aisle is opened, all form a single push of a button. The system application is powered by efficient, industry standard, electric motors for maximum reliability. Our heavy duty movable storage system can carry bay loads up to 24 tons and reach heights of up to 12 metres and run lengths of over 30 metres. With the need of just one working aisle and its ability to work in temperatures down to -30 degrees makes this high-density storage system perfect for Cold Stores and Cold Storage facilities.

Every mobile pallet racking system provides many different safety features including with emergency stop buttons, access light barriers, manual release systems, distance sensors and safety light barriers, our mobile racking solution meets the highest possible demands for safety and makes a significant contribution to the problem-free and accident-free operations in your warehouse

You do not need any special forklift truck to operate within the movable mobile racks. All pallets stored are 100% accessible and the system can be designed to store the exact size and weight of pallet you want to store.

Find Out More About Our Mobile Pallet Racking

Our mobile pallet racking systems are designed unique and bespoke for your specific building and operating requirements. Shelf Space operates throughout the UK and Europe and would be happy to visit you at your premises to discuss your specific storage needs. Our In-house design team will then produce for you a space-efficient racking solution and detailed quotation without obligation. If you're happy to proceed then one of our dedicated Projects Team will personally manage the racking Installation to a successful completion.

To find out more about our mobile pallet racking and alternative high-density storage solutions then call our experienced Sales team - 01444 220290 or feel free to complete our 'Contact Us' form and one of the sales team will contact you shortly.

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Powered Mobile Pallet Racking for high density storage - Up to 80% space Utilisation Powered Mobile Pallet Racking for high density storage - Up to 80% space Utilisation
Customer Mobile Pallet Racking installations
  • Conventional Pallet Racking located on heavy duty mobile bases
  • No special material handling equipment is required to operate within the movable racking.
  • High density storage saves energy and money when Installed within cold store environments
Bespoke Racking Design Service
Racking Design Designed to suit your racking & shelving requirements

We will design and build the ideal racking and shelving systems for your factory or warehouse.