Dynamic Pallet Racking

Dynamic storage system Includes Push Back, Carton Live & Pallet Live Racking

Push Back Racking - Last In - First Out (LIFO)

Push back pallet racking effectively utilises floor and cubic space dynamic push back pallet racking is amongst the most space efficient pallet racking storage systems available. This storage system is ideal when storing medium turnover bulk palletised goods of the same type which aren't date sensitive. Generally with each product occupying its own dedicated lane.

There is no need for specialised material handling equipment to be used and pallets are loaded on to wheeled carriers of differing heights and are pushed back along a 4 degree inclined steel guide channels to utilise the full depth of the pallet racking. Modern Push Back Systems can store up to ten pallets deep and once a pallet is picked from the pick face, the remaining roll forward into position at the picking face.

Pallets are retrieved on a ‘first-in, last-out’ basis and with each product having a dedicated lane. Our range of Dynamic Storage Systems are particularly useful in marshalling areas, and for long-term storage of bulk goods.

Carton Live Storage - First In - First Out (FIFO)

Flow Racking which is another name for Carton Live storage improves order picking times and helps minimise errors. The product is presented ergonomically to the order pickers using inclined roller beds which are Installed within conventional pallet racking.

Using plastic or cardboard cartons, the product is replenished from the rear and moves forward by gravity towards the pick face providing automatic product replenishment. Picking times can be improved even further with the Introduction of 'pick to light' devices controlled by a Warehouse Management System (WMS). Lights guide the picker to a specific lane and even tells the picker the quantity of product to pick. This is how flow racking rapidly improves picking performance as well as virtually eliminating picking errors.

Usually, the carton live roller beds are located in the racks and generally under the bulk pallet storage above. This maximises space utilisation and keeps the fast moving / heavy volume products at a low level for fast order fulfilment.

Pallet Live Racking - First In - First Out (FIFO)

Pallet Live Racking offers a fist in - first out storage system which allows for automatic stock rotation. Pallets are loaded on to inclined gravity feed rollers beds from the rear of the racking. As a pallet is removed from the front picking face, loaded live pallets from behind will automatically move forward under gravity. Centrifugal brakes located inside the rollers themselves helps brake each pallet to provide a controlled decent forward to the picking face.

There is no need for specialised material handling equipment as the forklift trucks never need to enter the pallet live racking. This reduces the risk of accidental rack damage from trucks but also means that conventional forklifts are able to operate within this system as long as they are fitted with a tilting mast.
Maximise your floor space with this high-density storage solution with a possible reduction of at least 70% over conventional pallet racking as working aisles are reduced. Improve pallet throughput speed, save money by using conventional trucks and rotate stock automatically by using this dynamic storage system.

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Pallet live pallet racking - First In-First Out (FI-FO) Pallet live pallet racking - First In-First Out (FI-FO)
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