Anti Collapse Mesh & Pallet Racking Safety Screens

Protect your staff and help reduce accidents resulting from goods falling from stored pallets or shelves beam levels

Troax Musca anti-collapse Mesh Safety Screens

One of the strongest racking protection screens available at present. The Musca mesh system offers value for money and a highly durable barrier against accidents caused by falling goods dislodged by pallet collapses or products being accidentally knocked off pallets that are being loaded or unloaded. The Installation of an anti-collapse mesh screen is strongly recommended on single sided runs of pallet racking where not located up against a wall.

Musca anti-collapse System

Built around just a few components that when installed to the rear of a pallet racking to provide a strong, durable safety screen. Each panel is constructed using a fully welded frame and mesh. There are various size panels available to order and the majority being available from stock for rapid delivery. The panel sizes vary from 700mm wide up to 1500mm wide and come in either 1100mm or 2200mm high.

Troax anti-collapse System

These mesh are finished as standard, with extra-tough, grey paint. The neutral grey colour conceals any dirt, dust and makes it easy to see through, this we feel ensures a clean, neat appearance for many years ahead. The brackets which secure the mesh panels to the rear of the racking come as standard in a pre-galvatite finish. We are able to produce this specific anti-collapse mesh product in your specific choice of colours for an additional cost.

If needed the Troax anti-collapse system can be easily adapted to your very specific warehouse system. We have brackets available to fit most common pallet racking systems. This safety screen can be retro-fitted to an existing racking or designing to fit any new racking Installation. All deliveries would Include fixings and fasteners to complete the Installation on site. We also include cut sections and special profile sections where standard mesh panels require cutting on site when run lengths don't match standard panel sizes exactly.

For more Information on our comprehensive range of Troax Musca anti-collapse mesh products then please feel free to contact us for advice or a free 'no obligation' quotation. Shelf Space operates throughout the UK and Europe and offers a full in-house design service together with a knowledgeable and experienced sales force to provide cost-effective warehouse solutions.

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Anti-Collapse Troax Musca Screen Anti-Collapse Troax Musca Screen
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