Bespoke & Specialised Pallet Racking

Specialised bespoke storage systems for when standard pallet racking just won't do the job.

With every storage application being different but with the majority of needs falling within standard 'off the shelf' racking solutions how do you cope when goods / products you need to be store, just don't fit on a standard pallet? Then Shelf Space will work with you to design a specialised / bespoke pallet racking solution to meet your exact requirements.

Shuttle Pallet Racking

A ranger shuttle pallet racking system is a semi-automated high density pallet storage system that uses a battery powered  shuttle to locate and retrieve pallets within a purpose built steel structure. The pallet shuttle moves in and out of the structure on rails located within pallet storage lanes.

Shelf Space supplied one of the biggest Ranger Shuttle projects in the UK recently. The system maximised the available floor space and the available height within a cold store environment. The system was 21 pallets deep with 6 pallets being stored in the height and 35 lanes wide. Providing storage for 4410 pallets. For increased through put our client purchase 2 Ranger shuttles to use within the system.

Carpet Racking

When needing to store rolls of carpets measuring up to 4 metres in length, you need a storage system that will support and protect the carpets from accidental damage through incorrect storage. Usually, we would position up to four bays of carpet storage racks (back to back) with full depth chipboard decking located across the beam levels to create a strong, deep storage location for rolls of carpet or fabric. This type of carpet storage racking is typically operated using a forklift truck fitted with a boom attachment for lifting rolls of carpet in and out of the racking.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is the perfect solution for safe and organised storage of long goods and bulky parts due to the lack of front uprights.
The robust design of the cantilever racking provides reliable storage solutions for heavy duty applications in warehouses, Industrial and retail or external applications. Cantilever racking enables users to minimise stock selection times and easily maintain stock levels by using the upper storage levels for stock, it also maintains the value of high value products by raising them off the floor, keeping it clean and protecting it from damage.
Available in heights of over 7 metres with arm lengths of up to 2 metres, our cantilever racks are manufactured from structural steel to suit your exact requirements. Columns are punched at 76mm increments on both sides as standard allowing use as a single sided or double sided rack as required. Arms are manufactured with a 2-degree angle to ensure items such as tubes do not roll off during loading and unloading and are easily adjusted to accommodate product size changes.

Hanging Garment Storage

Hanging garment storage comes in various forms and can be adapted to match a customer's specific needs for either static, mobile or automatic storage of hanging garments. Utilising standard pallet racking components together with bespoke rails we can supply a storage concept on either a single floor level or using multi-level structures for maximum cubic capacity.

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Ranger shuttle - storage lanes Ranger shuttle - storage lanes
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