Drive In Pallet Racking

Drive-In pallet racking suitable for bulk storage of same type of goods - Ideal for Cold Store applications

Drive-In racking is designed to maximise floor capacity working on the principle of bulk staking but rather than stacking product on top of the product, pallets are stored on drive-in rails. As a form of bulk stacking, you could achieve up to an 85% saving of cubic space over conventional pallet racking supplied within the UK.

Drive-In Pallet Racking Features

This high-density storage system is suited well to bulk stock storage where loads are delivered and dispatched in batches.

Drive in pallet racking works on the principle of first in - last out (FILO). The forklift lifts the palletised load to the required level then the forklift enters the storage lane and deposits the pallet at the furthest point. The process is repeated until the storage lane becomes full. By loading pallets in this way means that individual pallets cannot be accessed directly but unloaded one by one from the front of the rack.

Due to the systems design and structural stability, it can safely store heavy palletised loads or block stacking of loads that are too fragile or unstable to be stacked one on top of each other. Drive in storage is particularly used in Cold Store and Chill storage environments (refrigerated & frozen goods) because more space is utilised for pallet storage which makes the cold store much more energy efficient. Where individual pallets are required to be accessed maybe see what our mobile pallet racking systems have to offer.

If pallet access is required from either side of the storage block then we offer a 'Drive Through' pallet racking system. This allows pallets to be loaded from one side and extracted from the other side providing a FIFO system for date sensitive products.

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