Huge VNA Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking Installation Completed ahead of Schedule

Shelf Space Limited wins huge narrow aisle pallet racking order from the world's leading provider of clinical supply chain distribution management services

Shelf Space Limited were recently chosen amongst tough competition to provide VNA narrow aisle pallet racking for a new warehouse facility here in the UK, set up by a world leading provider of clinical supply chain distribution management services.

Working to a very tight time schedule Shelf Space’s experienced Installation team worked extended hours to complete the project ahead of schedule. The project called for a quality FM approved pallet racking system that was both robust and manufactured to a high standard.

The narrow aisle racking layout provided storage for nearly 5000 pallet locations. Each pallet could be individually accessed using ‘man-up’ style wire guided VNA forklift trucks. The racking itself was nearly eleven metres high with an overall load capacity per bay of 16000kgs.

Two large anti-collapse mesh screens were Installed to the rear of the single sided racking runs located at either end on the building. These anti-collapse mesh safety screens help protect staff using the pedestrian walkways located behind the racking from falling goods or possible a pallet collapse as goods are loaded / unloaded from the racks.

At the end of the working aisle Shelf Space fitted rack end protection to help guard against accidental damage from manoeuvring forklift trucks.

For more Information regarding this Installation and to see more images have a look at our Case Studies section.