Problem with your Pallet Racking? Go Bespoke!

What do you do when traditional pallet racking simply doesn't fulfil your needs? Well, you read on...

Uh-oh. Your warehouse is a pretty awkward shape, isn’t it? And perhaps your products aren’t all that easy to store either… it’s all right, you can tell us – we’ve seen it all before. From strange angles that make traditional pallet racking an absolute nightmare to objects which simply won’t lie flat, every company has their own unique needs when it comes to running a warehouse that’s safe and efficient.

So maybe you’ve tried the conventional options and found that they’re not solving any of your problems and maybe even have caused a few new ones. But you can’t have a warehouse without any storage, so what are you supposed to do? Now is the time to go bespoke – work with a company who will head to your site, check out the space for themselves and come up with a unique solution which works especially for you.


This is a service which we’re delighted to offer here at Shelf Space, and if you have had issues with pallet racking in the past then it can really solve those problems. However, even if you don’t have an incredibly tricky warehouse space to deal with, there could be other reasons for choosing a bespoke storage solution. Here are just a couple…

Maximise Storage Space

If you have too many goods for you current storage system but you don’t want to move to new premises then it might be time to see if there is any space that you’re not currently using which could be taken advantage of with a different solution. The key here is to look vertically; is there a lot of space between the top of your pallet racking and the ceiling? Or are there nooks and crannies which you thought were too narrow to make use of? If so, a designer may well be able to come up with a range of options that would allow you to stack a lot more stock.

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Unique Needs

Your warehouse itself might be completely standard, but if there are other aspects of your company which make its needs unusual then you still may find yourself better served by the bespoke option. This might be a case of unique equipment or staffing needs that make it difficult to operate within the confines of the more common pallet racking options. If this sounds familiar, please don’t despair! Once again, we will be happy to discuss your individual needs and work with you to find something which does work.


Pallet racking is something which most warehouses can’t do without, so don’t let your unique needs leave you with substandard products. Contact us today to discuss the options available; whether you get in touch online or at 01444 220 290, we’ll be available to listen to your needs and help you go bespoke!

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