Workhorse of the Warehouse: Why Pallet Racks Are Perfect

Ok, so you run a business, but there’s a tiny, niggling thought that’s scratching away at the back of your head like a fly in jam: You keep thinking your stock could be better organised; you keep imagining precisely what you’ll achieve, and how your business could be better. Time to invest in pallet racking.

There are an absolute ton of reasons why pallets and pallet racking are great for business, no matter what size. We thought we’d list some reasons why they’re so excellent here, to help you make up your mind.

Space Saver

One of the biggest issues companies face is finding space for stock. Quality pallet racking gives you the option for much-needed floor space while stacking palletised products vertically in the racks. That means you’ll be able to fit more stock in your warehouse or stockroom – now that’s got to be a good thing!

Time Saver

Sure, you could shift each and every individual box from one side of the room to the other. Depending on your stock levels, that could take anywhere from an hour to a lifetime. Pallets, on the other hand, reduce the time wasted shifting products from place to place. Fill up the pallet, drive the forklift to the rack and set it down. The job is done.

Improved Productivity

Know what your staff won’t do once your stock is organised on pallet racks? They won’t spend hours hunting for products – they’ll know precisely where to find them, which means a greater productivity rate, and more time helping customers.

Modular Choice

No business is static. They’re constantly evolving, adapting their methods, their storage, their focus. We reckon that’s a great thing (otherwise we’d have the Model T and …that’s it), so we strongly recommend pallet racking for exactly this reason. Racks can be effortlessly added to or taken away, to suit the ever-changing needs of your business. Better than that, for products that aren’t built for standard pallet racks, you can choose custom-built racking.

Safety First

It’s unlikely that you’ve kitted out your stockroom with shelves from Ikea or anywhere else – but if you have, you’ll know there’s a massive problem using shelves that aren’t designed for the workplace: they’re not safe. Pallet racks are specially designed for heavy loads, safety requirements, and the usual wear and tear of the warehouse.

With this many advantages, pallet racking is easily one of the best storage solutions out there for businesses big and small. And that’s where we can help, with high-quality pallet racking that gets the job done and keeps your company works. Just contact us by giving our friendly team a call on 01444 220 290, and we’ll be delighted to chat about your requirements.

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