Utilising Floor Demarcation in Your Warehouse

When it comes to warehouse storage and efficiency, few things have more impact than our warehouse pallet racking.

When it comes to warehouse storage and efficiency, few things have more impact than our warehouse pallet racking. When you want to create a viable and reliable storage system, the pallet racking serves to regulate storage methods and helps to create consistency, not to mention making it easier and quicker to find the product you are looking for. Another organisational tool that many warehouses utilise is through applying floor demarcation. This is essentially applying colour zones to your floor. Everyday floor demarcation with which you may be more familiar include cycle paths and zebra crossings and essentially act as visual clues as to what the purpose of that particular section of flooring is designated for.


In relation to organising your warehouse, floor demarcation helps to indicate the purpose of a particular section. This can help to act much like a pallet racking system in that it can help to make finding particular products easier, through designating particular areas for the specific storage of a certain product or item. Equally, it can define where working and waste stock are to go, meaning that there is never any danger of getting the two mixed up.

Indicates Direction

Floor demarcation can help to indicate which way staff are meant to travel along a certain area of flooring. Yellow arrows are often used to dictate the direction, to make travelling around the warehouse consistent as well as showing which parts of the warehouse are for walking and which are for heavy machinery.

Health and Safety

Floor demarcation helps to reduce the risk of walking around a warehouse. As previously mentioned, the different floor colours can be used to indicate which sections are for humans and which are for machines. Many warehouse managers also opt for specific floor demarcation to identify risk areas, such as opting for red flooring; this can inform staff to refrain from entering this location, or even not to block it.

The simple act of colour coordinating your warehouse floor can help to not only save a lot of time in terms of creating a consistent organisational system by which you can find your products, but can even serve to improve health and safety. It is certainly something that every warehouse should consider in order to improve efficiency. Incorporating a pallet racking system in your warehouse is yet another way in which you can serve to improve efficiency throughout your warehouse. Much like floor demarcation, it is easy to implement and can be incredibly cost-effective when applied effectively.

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