Top Tips To Improve Warehouse Management and Operations

Looking for ways to manage your warehouse and operations effectively? Find out how you can improve your warehouse management and operations here!

Here are some tips to help improve the management and operations of your warehouse facility:

Trust online over the manual

Using handheld computers with RFID readers or barcode scanners at the receiving dock will immediately identify products on arrival. This will also help get the products off the dock quickly and eliminate any errors that are associated if you were to manually receive them. Scanning and RFID technology helps to make sure you’ll avoid mistakes that can cause major issues with inventory accuracy and the associated time to fix them.

Maximise and optimise all available space

Rather than expand the footprint of your warehouse space, consider using vertical space. Adding the right warehouse storage equipment to pick and store material can help you keep more in the same square footage than adding expansion costs. In addition, think about the variety and type of shelving used. Storing some small items on pallet racks wastes space and makes it easier to misplace items. Rather than using the same racks or used pallet racking, you may need various types of warehouse shelving for different materials. Also, try using standardised bins to help keep shelves orderly and neat.

Automatic data collection

It is surprising that there are still many companies that haven’t implemented automatic data collection. If your warehouse staff are keying codes, writing them on paper then manually inputting them onto your system, then it’s already time to review your process and investigate how you can move to automatic data collection.

Organise workstations

Organising workstations improve productivity because workers do not have to search for tools or equipment. Use the “5S” method to ensure your workstations are clean and as organised as possible. “5S” means Sort; Set in order; Shine; Standardise, and Sustain. All techniques designed to keep clutter at bay, improve organisation and safety, and reduce errors.

Be transparent and promote information

A well thought out warehouse visibility infrastructure allows for the sharing of information easily throughout your operation and across the whole company. Good visibility leads to improving your warehouse performance with instant access to information, the operations of your facility are more efficient and can lead to better communications across the business.

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