Top Tips to Effectively Manage a Cold Storage Warehouse

Cold storage warehouses conveniently keep perishable and highly temperature-sensitive products in pristine and perfect condition until it is time for them to get moving. This is particularly crucial for food items, which if exposed to inappropriate temperatures can lead to degradation, discoloration, or worse, bacterial growth. As a result, major profit loss could occur, or worse, the safety of consumers is compromised.

Because of this, maintaining an optimal temperature at all times to preserve the quality of the goods without harming the personnel working inside a cold storage warehouse is of utmost priority.

Here are some practical maintenance tips for cold warehouse management.

Practice the “first in, first out” method

Otherwise known as FIFO, the first in first out method is part of the standard operating procedure to effectively keep track of all the products going in and out of the warehouse facility. This will help managers take note of the expiration dates and trace the oldest products inside the cold storage warehouse. With this available data, they can easily determine which needs to be scheduled for delivery or disposal the soonest.

Utilise freezer-friendly storage

Check if your cold storage warehouse has the correct industrial type of shelves, racks, and pallets that can withstand freezing temperature and do not rust, and as a result, damage the products over time.

Automate palletising

A pallet rack system is a specially designed storage solution that basically involves storing the goods on pallets stacked on top of one another vertically and on many levels. Pallet racks are typically seen in big and advanced warehouses, distribution facilities, and retail shops. Typically, forklifts are used to efficiently move the pallets from the racking system to the delivery or transportation vehicle and vice-versa.

Automating processes, such as pallet rack systems, can help cut down on operational costs and streamline current processes to be more productive and cost-efficient.

Previously, due to limitations of technology, the products had to be taken out of the freezer to be put on to pallets and then back again. The laborious trip back and forth heightens the risk of ambient air getting inside the freezer and messing up with the temperature. But now it is possible to put everything on pallets inside the cold storage without the risk of freezing up the product and the equipment and the times staff have to go through harsh temperatures.

Get the most out of the cube by requesting for high-density storage

There are a lot of bespoke or custom racking options that offer deeper and taller designs with the density in mind. It is highly recommended to order a rack supported storage that is specifically tailor-made to suit your business’ specific requirements. Creating a high-density storage is another effective way to minimise heat loss.

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Top tips to effectively manage a cold storage warehouse Top tips to effectively manage a cold storage warehouse