Selecting The Right Pallet Racking System: Which One Is For You? (Part Two)

We believe it’s just as important to help you select the storage system that’s right for your business.

We don’t believe that our job as top quality pallet racking suppliers begins and ends at getting the product to you – it’s just as important that we help you select the system that’s right for your business. In ‘Part One’ of the series we’ve already run through a great selection of options, including Mobile, Narrow Aisle and Drive In pallet racking, all of which have their own unique benefits and can be best utilised in specific environments.

Now it’s time to take a deeper look at a few more of the choices that are available to you – after all, the more you know, the better placed you are to make a decision that’s right for your warehouse.

Dynamic Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking

Within the Dynamic Pallet Racking category, there are actually several different options which can help to make your life easier. If you’re slightly short on space then Push Back Racking could be the option for you, as it is considered one of the most efficient, space-saving systems available. Although the ‘last in – first out’ method of operation means that it isn’t necessarily appropriate for storing items with a limited shelf space, Push Back Racking comes into its own when there is a need for long-term storage.

Carton Live Storage, or ‘Flow Racking, is another form of Dynamic Pallet Racking, and this is perfect for goods which need to be shipped out fast without mistakes. These have been designed with the product pickers in mind, offering innovative features such as an automatic product replenishment system, and lights which not only tell the picker where to go but also the quantity that they need to select.

The final option within the Dynamic bracket is Pallet Live Racking, which offers several key benefits: firstly, its high-density approach saves space; secondly, the design means that it can be used without investing in specialised handling equipment; and finally, the mechanisms used ensure automatic stock rotation by arranging stock on a ‘first in first out’ basis. This means that Pallet Live Racking doesn’t leave you with old stock decaying somewhere at the back of a warehouse shelf!

Specialised Pallet Racking

Bespoke and Specialised Pallet Racking

If you still haven’t seen something that’s right for your needs, or feel that your space is too irregular to house a conventional pallet racking system, this doesn’t necessarily need to be a problem – choosing a bespoke pallet racking system could give you the flexibility to create a tailor made system that does the job to your exact specifications. There are also options for specialised pallet racking systems which are designed to house specific products that just don’t stack conveniently. Carpet Racking is designed specifically with – you guessed it – rolls of carpet in mind, allowing them to be stored with ease and, crucially, protected from any external damage. Or, if you need to make space for large quantities of hanging garments, then Hanging Garment Racking might well be exactly what you’re looking for, using bespoke rails to give static, mobile, or automatic storage.

A final specialised option is Cantilever Racking. This is ideal for storing those awkward long and bulky items, such as metal beams, pipes or wooden boards. These systems come with the bonus of protecting valuable products from damage by raising them off the floor and keeping them away from accidental harm.

pallet racking systems

Hopefully one of the pallet racking systems we’ve outlined will be able to provide exactly what your business needs – and don’t forget, we’re always happy to discuss options for adapting or adjusting them to suit your needs! You can contact us at 01444 220 290 to find out more about any of the options, and tell us more about your requirements.

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