Rack It Up, Rack It In: Top Racking Safety Tips (Part 2)

Welcome back to our series on the top racking safety tips!

In Top Racking Safety Tips (Part 1) post we gave some sage old safety tips on taking care of y our racking system. As experts in providing quality pallet racking systems to businesses small and large, we thought we’d expand on this. After all, you can never be too safe when working in a busy warehouse!

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Maximum Load Weight Labels

In our previous post we spoke about knowing your racking system. Every racking system is different and as such, every system can handle certain loads. With this in mind you should also be aware, especially if you have multiple racking systems, which system supports what weight. Simply knowing may not be enough, especially if you’re working quickly. Labelling can be your next best friend in a working warehouse. Clearly and precisely labelling each of your racking systems will remove any confusion and make storing your valuable pallets easier.

Stack By Size

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that, staking the largest product on the very top shelf, may be slightly problematic later on. You want to make sure that your warehouse is running smoothly with little to no disturbances when collecting or stacking pallets. Using a forklift to try to tackle the largest pallet at the top of your racking system, can unnecessarily slow down work, and nobody wants that.

Your racking systems may be safe, secure and stable but for that added bit of safety, place your bulkier pallets towards the bottom of your racking system, and the smaller pallets towards the top.

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Pallet Safety Checks

So after you’ve ensured your racking system is stable and after it’s been inspected and the correct weight has been applied and after you’ve spent time labelling said weight, how can you further make sure that your racking system is safe and secure? The state of your pallets should be your next point of call.

Lifting and stacking broken or unstable pallets is the next big safety feature to look out for. Breaks could happen on the warehouse floor or as your stack them on your racking system. Whichever the case may be, moving broken pallets could result in further damage to your products, your racking system or injury to your employees. Check, check and check again is key to a safe and secure working environment.

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