Maximise Warehouse Space with These Expert Tips

The cost of labour, equipment, and maintenance can add up to a significant amount of money. This makes operating a warehouse fairly expensive, regardless if you’re renting the structure or built it from the ground up. You want to make sure that your investment is put to good use by maximising all the space provided so you won’t have to spend on more. How?

1. Make aisles narrower

When you move warehouse racking closer together, you can increase the total amount of space available. Don’t overdo it though, as you may encounter problems with moving forklifts or carts around the aisles which may result in damage to the goods or personnel accidents.

2. Rethink the schematics

You should have been able to look at the layout diagram when you first occupied the warehouse. This contains storage requirements, SKU sizes, inventory volume, and other data that likely need to be updated according to current bin and quantity sizing.

3. Maximise vertical space

Is your floor space getting tight? It may be time to take advantage of your upward potential. Many modern warehouse pallet racking systems allow you to add more tiers than ever before. Of course, check with health, safety, and stacking restrictions first before extending.

4. Use right-size slots

Always match the sales and size of an item to an appropriately sized slot. Facilitate this process by having picking slots in various sizes, even for locations where you store overstocks and reserves. In the case of forward picking, keep 7 days worth of sales in reserve.

5. Try out cross-docking

This logistical technique involves receiving, sorting, and scanning inbound stocks in a cross-docking terminal then loading them straight to outbound vehicles. It may be tricky to manage but it allows you to save a lot of space from unnecessary storage times.

6. Keep it organised

Each stock should be put together strategically with its own place. It’s recommended that you keep the same types of products in one area then condense the boxes when stocks are sold. Also, ensure that there are no obstacles like open crates lying around to impede efficiency.

7. Relocate popular goods

If you have products that move faster than others, consider moving them to a location where they will be easier to access and transfer. This way there will be a shorter distance between the warehouse shelving the outbound vehicles or wherever the goods should go next.

For the suggestions that require adjustments to the warehouse racking system design, consult with an expert to ensure that the configurations will be in order and safe.

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Maximise warehouse space with these expert tips Maximise warehouse space with these expert tips