Impressive Warehouses of the UK

This year Amazon opened their largest warehouse to date in Kothur, Telangana in India.

At Pallet Racking Direct, whilst our business lies in creating efficient and effective pallet racking systems for our valued customers, much of our interest lies in warehouses.

The warehouse, spanning a massive 280,000 square feet, has been built with the promise of helping the surrounding communities. Small and medium businesses in Telangana have been promised extra training from the ‘fulfilment centre’, with Amazon offering to train thousands of sellers in e-commerce through educational workshops and seminars. To honour the opening of Amazon’s enormous warehouse, let’s take a look at a couple of Britain’s largest warehouses and tip our hard-hats to their scale and innovation.

Constellation Europe, Bristol

First is the Constellation Europe warehouse in Bristol, providing storage for one of the world’s largest alcoholic beverage companies. Somewhat overshadowed by the whopping Amazon warehouse, Constellation Europe totals an impressive 80,000m2. The warehouse itself holds a gigantic 57 million bottles of wine at any given time with the structure boasting the volume of 14,000 double-decker buses.

Partner Logistics, Cambridgeshire

The Partner Logistics warehouse was actually originally built for Lamb Weston Meijer, who are a potato processing company. Costing €50,000 to construct, the warehouse required more than 5,000 tons of steel and can reach an incredible -27°C. Whilst those figures are particularly impressive, it’s the fact that the mammoth structure can hold 77,000 pallets at any one time that gets our heart racing. We’d love to meet their warehouse manager…

We are incredibly proud of the systems we can put in place for even the largest of warehouses. At Pallet Racking Direct, we would relish the challenge of being able to install and implement one of our efficient pallet racking systems in one of these enormous warehouses. With so many huge warehouses overseas, such as the Boeing Everett Factory, Washington or the Target Import Warehouse, also in Washington, it is great to see a couple mammoth buildings being built on our humble isle.

A carefully organised warehouse is key to the efficiency of a company, saving both cost and time. To speak to one of our pallet racking system specialists regarding the services we offer and how we can help you, contact us on 01444 220 290 and we will be eagerly awaiting your call.

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