How Mobile Pallet Racking Can Help You

Mobile pallet racking is among the most efficient ways for you to achieve 100% accessibility to your pallets whilst helping to utilise your storage space more efficiently.

First and foremost, what is mobile pallet racking?

To put it simply, mobile pallet racking utilises a complete pallet racking system and places it onto heavy duty, movable bases. This ingenious method of pallet racking allows you to utilise up to 80% of your warehouse cubic storage capacity and grants you access to 100% of the pallets you have in storage.

How Mobile Pallet Racking Works

Rails are embedded into the floor of your warehouse, enabling the racking system to be move electronically left or right. For maximum reliability our mobile pallet racks are industry standard electric motors, these can be controlled either by:

  • Foot; where controls are set into the floor at the end of each rack,
  • Hand; where a control panel is located in the cab of a forklift, for complete working efficiency.

Spanning vast distance, our effective and reliable mobile pallet racking systems are able to carry bay loads of up to 24 tons, heights of 12 metres and can run lengths of more than 30 metres, enabling them to take full advantage of storage space provided.

Mobile Pallet Racking

What Are the Safety Features?

As with all of our products your safety, and the safety of your employees are our top priority. To ensure that our mobile pallet rack systems are operating at their very best, we’ve ensured that every mobile pallet rack system comes with the most efficient and effective safety features such as:

  • Access light barriers
  • Manual Release Systems
  • Emergency Stop Buttons
  • Safety Light Barriers
  • Distance Sensors

These enable our products to help you keep up a great problem and accident-free warehouse for you and your employees to enjoy.

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Is There Need to Invest in Specialised Equipment?

Being a 100% accessible racking system means that there’s no need for you to invest your hard earned money into specialised forklift trucks to access any of your pallets. Our mobile pallet racking systems are carefully designed with you in mind, this means that you’re about to move freely up and down the aisles without any mishaps. Designed for your particular needs, we are able to deliver you with a unique, bespoke service so no matter how big or small your warehouse is, you can be sure to find the best possible mobile pallet racking with us.

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For more information about the ins and outs of mobile pallet racking or to find out exactly how our industrial pallet racking and mobile pallet racking can help make your warehouse more efficient, contact us today on 01444 220 290.

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