Benefits of mobile pallet racking

Storage can be expensive, so having a pallet racking system that can double the storage capacity of your existing space is brilliant. This is where mobile pallet racking comes in.

Many people believe mobile pallet racking is simply shelving that can move, but it’s much more than that. Although this type of shelving may be more expensive to start with, the benefits it can offer over time will more than makeup for the cost.

The Benefits of Pallet Racking

  • Mobile pallet racking frees up floor space. Fixed racking can’t be moved, so eventually, there will be no more space available. A mobile pallet rack can be arranged in different ways to maximise the layout of your storage area.
  • By freeing up all this extra space, you can add in even more mobile pallet racking, which prevents you from having to find a new location to store other items.
  • Mobile pallet racking is customisable. Many racks can be accessorised to accommodate different items of stock, such as photographs, CDs and ink cartridges.
  • You will be more organised when using mobile pallet racking than you would be with fixed racking. It’s easy to move mobile racking into sections, allowing similar products to be stored together. This makes finding items easier for employees too.
  • Mobile pallet racking offers users more security as well. These units can be locked together, making them sturdy and ultimately providing added peace of mind.
  • If you already have fixed pallet racking, it’s easy to add mobile pallet racking to your existing setup.

All in all, mobile pallet racking is a real-time and space saver for any warehouse or business. Contact us at Pallet Racking Direct to find out more about our mobile solutions.

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