How do you bill for products and services?

Payment terms are based on individual circumstances and Industry sector.

Some Government bodies, Educational facilities and NHS customers will be offered credit terms based on an agreeable credit check.

Others will be asked to provide a deposit payment with their order and balance payments depending on the size of the project and duration.

Do you offer finance?

As not every customer wants to pay upfront for our products and services - and possibly want to spread the cost of our pallet racking products - we are able to offer finance through a registered FCA finance provider.

We work with you to establish exactly what racking system you need and produce a quotation. Then this is passed to a finance company who will provide you a finance agreement based on your credit status and payment requirements. This could be in the form of leasing, renting or HP arrangement.

What guarantees and warranties do you offer?

All our pallet racking products come with a 12 month manufacturer's warranty.

Any issues arising from a manufacturing failure of the racking product will be covered by our manufacturer.

Any issues resulting from misuse or damage will not be covered but Shelf Space would be on hand to offer advice and assistance if repairs are needed.

Do you supply suitable storage systems for cold storage / temperature controlled environments?

We regularly supply pallet racking to cold storage / freezer facilities.

The racking generally doesn't need any modification if the temperatures are well below freezing but in some instances when the racking is needed in a chilled environment rather than a freezer the racking may need to be supplied in a galvanised finish to reduce the risk of corrosion from condensation.

For high density racking within large freezers, then maybe consider mobile pallet racking as this provides dense storage which maximises the available floor space but reduces the amount of wasted aisle space that needs chilling down.

Please discuss your needs with our experienced sales team.

Are we able to install / fit the pallet racking ourselves?

Given the size and weight of the pallet racking components and to qualify for the manufacturer's warranty we would only recommend using a fully trained team for the installation of your pallet racking.